Why Test For Pyroluria and Pyrrole Disorder?

by Greg Newson

Why Test For Pyroluria?

Why is it Important to Test For Pyroluria and Pyrrole Disorder

Without proper Pyroluria or Pyrrole Disorder Testing an accurate diagnosis cannot be achieved. People who rely on their Pyroluria symptoms alone for a diagnosis can be unwittingly putting their health at risk by taking excessive amounts of nutritional supplements. For example too much vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage and excess zinc will suppress immune function and compete with copper, manganese and iron for absorption, resulting in their deficiencies.

People with multiple Pyroluria symptoms may indeed suffer from Pyroluria or Pyrrole Disorder, but many of the symptoms can be caused by a straight zinc, vitamin B6 or biotin deficiency and not Pyroluria or Pyrrole Disorder. Alternatively health conditions such as Dysbiosis, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue and excessive stress can all mimic many of the symptoms of Pyroluria and Pyrrole Disorder.

As a Practitioner, I have come across many patients with multiple Pyroluria symptoms, only to find they test negative for Pyroluria. Conversely people with only 1 or 2 symptoms have been found to test positive. Pyroluria Testing is very important and the only real way to diagnose Pyroluria. It also provides confirmation for treatment and can save people a lot of money on ineffective supplements, if they don't test positive for Pyroluria. 

What is Involved in a Pyroluria Test

There are two types of Pyrrole Disorder and Pyroluria Testing;

1. You go along to a Collection Agency to obtain a sample for testing. or

2. You collect a sample yourself, in the privacy of your own home for testing.

We always recommend the second option, for the convenience to patients attending our clinic or consulting with us online. The 'do at home' Pyroluria Test contains a preservative, that once combined with the urine and frozen overnight, enables the sample to be stable for up to 30 days, even after thawing out. 

The Pyroluria Test is simple to do. A urine sample is collected in a darkened room (as light destroys the sample), wrapped in aluminium foil and frozen overnight. The next day the Pyroluria Test is collected by an overnight courier (US mainland only) and delivered to the testing Laboratory. For all Pyroluria Testing samples (excluding the US mainland) the sample is sent to the laboratory using you local express postal service. It is often advisable to stop all nutritional supplements for four days prior to completing the Pyroluria Test, as this rules out any false negatives that nutritional supplements can cause. 

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Greg Newson
Greg Newson


Greg is a Naturopathic Doctor and Clinical Herbalist. He is passionate about educating people on all matters of health. Qualifications: B.Sc Health Science, Adv. Dip Naturopathy, Adv. Dip Herbal Medicine, Adv. Dip Nutrition, Dip Remedial Massage

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